понедельник, 10 сентября 2007 г.

1994 - Lucifer's Friend - Sumogrip (@192)

1. Get In (instrumental) (0:34)
2. Heartbreaker (5:11)
3. One Way Ticket to Hell (5:48)
4. Don’t Look Back (4:45)
5. You Touched Me … (4:14)
6. Cadillac (4:08)
7. Step by Step (4:09)
8. Rebound (4:24)
9. Sumogrip (instrumental) (1:14)
10. Sheree (4:38)
11. Back in the Track (3:56)
12. Banzai (instrumental) (0:32)
13. Any Day Now (3:48)
14. Ride the Sky (LF classic) (3:43)
15. Free Me (Heep classic) (4:44)
16. Get Out (instrumental) (0:20)
17. You Touched Me With Your Heart (bonus version, longer version) (5:15)


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PE_35 комментирует...

hi from canada,

i don't know why but the song no. 4 (don't look back) is not possible to burn on cd.

it's now in 2 different places i now download this album of lucifer's friend and it's the same thing even it was uploaded in rapidshare and another one also in rapidshare but it's not the same item number but surely the same source uploaded 2 times.

hope that somebody can tell me about that or make something.

thanks and happy holiday wishes in advance !

PapaShura комментирует...

Why you shure thar mp3 quality source is possibly be burned on CD? It's only for familiarization. Please, don't make СD from MP3.
Listen, be Happy, and don't worry.

P.S. I took this content from old CD, something from elswhere, but now i don't remember where it died.
Look here for some LF in CD quality:

PE_35 комментирует...

thanks very much papashura !