четверг, 3 сентября 2009 г.

Groundhogs - 1973 - Hogwash

1 I Love Miss Ogyny 5:20
2 You Had a Lesson 5:45
3 The Ringmaster 1:25
4 3744 James Road 7:15
5 Sad Is the Hunter 5:15
6 S'one Song 3:40
7 Earth Shanty 6:50
8 Mr. Hooker, Sir John 3:34
Bonus Tracks
9 Rolling and Tumbling 2:32
10 Death Letter 4:16
11 Me and the Devil 3:55
12 No More Doggin' 3:51

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Анонимный комментирует...

Great Man,i search Hogwash and Who will save the World for long in Flac!Thanks

PapaShura комментирует...

Soon "Who will save the World" will be born on this page in lossless too

sardog107 комментирует...

Thank you! Your posts are fantastic, always something different, something worthwhile. Keep up the great work.

PapaShura комментирует...

sardog107... Thnaks, I'm also searchiing for great stuffs from
"Belle Epoque" of Rock, from the Golden Age"
Help all of us, if You can.
Do it, Man!